Monday, October 13, 2014

ALL the love in NC

On Friday, same-sex marriage passed in North Carolina. Finally! This historical, momentous stride makes me so happy!

I am especially happy for all the couples who can finally get married, adopt children, sign papers together, and do all the things they deserve to be able to do. Congratulations!

I am also happy that ALL the people I have met at UNC will be able to get married to whomever they want if they choose to get married in North Carolina. If I can marry whomever I want, why shouldn't anyone and everyone else be able to do the same?

I am also happy for LGBTQ children and adolescents in North Carolina, who can now feel free to stay in their home state and truly feel at home when they get married.

This milestone made me think of a unit on homophobia from my Women's Studies class last semester. The class was on violence prevention, and in this unit we learned about how homophobia is related to sexism. A patriarchal system oppresses men who are not masculine because they do not support typical gender roles. When people do not follow gender roles, they are at risk of violence, name-calling, and stigmatization. Homophobia works to keep men and women in rigid gender roles. The acceptance of same-sex relationships as equal to heterosexual relationships breaks these gender roles, allows everyone to be free to be themselves, and puts everyone at lower risk for violence. Gay rights are rights for everyone!

So basically I am happy for everyone.

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